How to Write Good Answers by Printed Notes in UPSC mains Exams

No matter how much time, you devote in preparing well, it finally comes down to one answer sheet which has to be crafted in a span of three hours. I use the word craft because writing answers in the exam is a craft.

Aspirants who make hand written notes all along their preparation write extremely good answers in the exam. Also, they know how to stick to the word limit as well as the time limit.

If you’re one of the aspirants whose been making regular hand written notes and modifying them as and when required, your task is half done as far as civil services mains preparation is concerned.

If not , here’s what you need to do –

  • Make good hand written notes referring from various credible sources. You may also take Printed Notes / Photocopy Notes of reputes institutes from Notes India.  This will not only help you in writing good quality answers but also expand your knowledge about the topics covered.
  • Refer from websites across the internet and keep saving them in folders but compile hand written notes from them. You may not remember everything you’ve stored in the digital medium but you will never forget what you wrote yourself.
  • Know exactly what to write. Never go off topic. The examiner doesn’t need anything extra. Stick to the main points and explain them well. Use examples wherever you can.
  • Highlight (by underlining) the important words or sentences wherever required. For example in a question about BREXIT, the words Britian and David Cameron have to be highlighted.
  • Practice time management (you’ll really need it) by appearing for mock tests or perhaps at home (remain honest). A lot of coaching Institutes will evaluate the answers for you.

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