LAW Printed Notes by Rahul IAS for IAS, PCS & JUDICIAL services

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This is one of the best Law Printed notes by Rahul IAS – IAS,PCS and Judicial Services which is photocopy notes  of Printed Material. For ordering call us  +91 7042099945,8076643507 and  [email protected]

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law printed notes by rahul ias

About – LAW Printed Notes by Rahul IAS

People choose Law as an Optional subject in UPSC Civil Services examination because it is high scoring however those choosing law should have its foundation of degree level. Try Law printed notes by Rahul IAS.

law printed notes by rahul ias

Paper 1 – LAW Printed Notes by Rahul IAS

There is a over-emphasis on Constitutional & Administrative Law then the International Law in Paper 1. S you must prepare it well and you may get upto three questions on Constitutional & Administrative Law.

Paper II – LAW Printed Notes by Rahul IAS

Paper II consists of 2 Sections. Section A – Law of Crimes (IPC) & Law of Torts; while Section B – Law of Contracts and Mercantile Law & Contemporary Legal Developments

It is recomended you must cover these three portions very well. 1. Law of Contracts and Mercantile Law 2.Law of Torts 3.Law of Crimes. For constitution focus on all the areas and also read the complete cases of certain recent judgements for example Ashok kumar thakur case . For international law you can afford to touch 60 to 70% of the syllabus read the important treaties and case laws. For merchantile law and I.P.C. focus on the section its ingredients and case laws. For torts focus should be on case law and the ingredients of a tort for specific torts.

However, dont try to do selective and gamble, as there is only one optional paper now. You must aim to cover almost everything mentioned in the syllabus. UPSC is not sticking to the broad area wise division while clubbing two or more questions into one. There can be unusual combination of 2 or 3 questions from IPC/Contract/Recent Legal Developments etc. So if you don’t prepare everything, it is likely that you might not be able to answer every part of the question. You will definitely do well in this paper if you follow LAW PRINTED NOTES BY RAHUL IAS.

About LAW Printed Notes by Rahul IAS –

LAW Printed Notes by Rahul’s IAS for IAS, PCS & JUDICIAL services For the aspirants who cannot come to Delhi for classroom coaching will be benefited from the study material. Given there is large no of recruitment of Judges in the years to come JUDICIARY is a hot cake for the aspirants having law as an optional. Material is designed to suit the need for IAS and JUDICIAL services examination. Material is procured from reliable sources and complete in every aspect.

LAW Printed notes by Rahul IAS for IAS, PCS and JUDICIAL services.Rahul’s IAS as a coaching institute for IAS and Judicial services exams was formally established in the year 2002 by Rahul sir. The vision behind the endeavour was, and has been, to provide genuine support to the students preparing for these competitive exams. The institute offers class room courses and correspondence material only for law as a subject for IAS and judicial exams. Material we are providing is the same as given in the classroom and correspondent coaching. Law printed notes by rahul IAS is the best material available to prepare for law optional.

Following topics are covered in LAW Printed Notes by Rahul IAS:-

  • Law of agency
  • The Specific relief Act, 1963
  • The Limitation Act (Act 26 of 1963)
  • Code of Civil procedure
  • Criminal procedure code(CrPC)
  • Indian Penal Code (Part 1)
  • Indian Penal code (Part II)
  • Indian Contract Act
  • Negotiable Instruments Act
  • Law of TORT
  • The Registration Act
  • Indian Evidence Act(Part I)
  • Indian Evidence Act(part II)
  • Constitutional Law (Part-I)
  • Constitutional Law (Part-II)
  • Jurisprudence
  • Trasfer of property Act
  • Partnership Act
  • Arbitration and conciliation act, 1996
  • Family Law
  • Sale of Goods
  • Legal Glossary
  • Rahul IAS -Polity
  • Rahul IAS – Essay
  • Rahul IAS- English

We have the most updated 2017 version of Law Printed notes by Rahul IAS

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